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Case Studies

An image that shows a case study.

Happy Mammoth is Australian supplement brand helping women deal with hormonal changes. We helped them scale one of their markets from 15k daily to 120k daily in revenue over the period of 2 years.


Increase in revenue .Scaled them from 15k to 120k daily revenu

Channels - Meta Ads


Lusxskin is Australian beauty devices company. Selling their devices worldwide. The utilise a lot of UGC content, inhouse while we help with the mediabuying.


Average Increase in ROAS (in-platform tracking)


Increase in the ad spend within the first month

Channels - Meta

What others have to say about working with us

"Miro truly exceeded my expectations in every aspect....His insights were invaluable in crafting a highly effective media campaign that not only met our goals but surpassed them"

Sherman Lim

"I wanted to congratulate Miro
on your excellent work! For achieving a full impact ROAS in AU on 3.98x overall! I think that could be our highest ever ROAS in AU since we started the business! Excellent work here!"
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Matthew Murphy

"Miro was really helpful and is clearly experienced in his field. Our hour session has given me some good ideas for future campaigns"

Jason Redbear

Numbers that seal the deal


Ad budget managed


7-8 figure busiensses


Average ROAS


Revenue generated

"Great work. Got much better results than other agencies I've worked with before."


Do I need to fill the form if I'm from UpWork?

Certainly! We receive an overwhelming number of new messages daily on UpWork, making it quite challenging to keep track. Additionally, if you don't respond there, we struggle to identify who you are, which significantly complicates things for us!

I'm coming from UpWork, is my bid correct?

Please ignore the bid mentioned in the proposal we sent. We frequently discover alternative solutions to a problem, so it's more efficient to discuss these during a call.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Be in a quiet environment, fill the form with as much info as possible and be cool! That is all you need to do.

You seem expensive...

This is a completely free no-strings-attached call, so we are happy to give you the best advice, and if it turns out we are a good fit we will try to fit in your budget.

Do you guarantee  results with your services?

We can guarantee that we will use the best current practices, and do our best to get you the desired results, however with services likes this, there are many varibles out of our control.

What if I need to reschedule my call?

Since our availability is limited, make sure you let us know 24h in advance so that other people can fill in. If you just don't show up with no explanation the only way to book again is by doing a regular consultation at our fee. We take no-shows very seriously.

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